Chapter 13

IN THE PAST – PART 3 Alex holds up his hand and Alson stands between Alex and my step-mother. Alex looks at her then at me “Why are you telling me to be careful of her, she is your step-mother” Alex asks suspiciously “Yes she is but she is responsible for the release of Catherine […]

Chapter 8

“What do you mean you are going to find your brothers, I thought you were an only child” Steven says, I look at him and smile “I also thought I was but it seems that is not the case” I say, Steven looks at me “Dude, I’m going to miss you” He says sadly I […]

Chapter 4

The pain has subsided, I look around and see I’m on my bed, I can sense somebody is next to me, I’m guessing it is Steven, it seems like he is asleep. I open my eyes and look towards the soft snore I can hear there is Steven sitting next to me on a chair, […]

Chapter 2

It has been a year since Steven and I had escaped from that place, all the time, I was working on getting back on my feet, Steven had helped and had given me the motel room but I couldn’t relay on that I needed my own place. Don’t get me wrong he is a really […]

Chapter 20

I was looking around and I see a lady, she appears “Why did you let me die” says the voice. “I didn’t it was an accident” I say feeling sad “You promised you would look after me and your unborn son” She says “I did my best to protect you, you knew I would” I […]

Chapter 18

“Wake up, Hun, Wake up!” I hear a voice calling me “Hun, wake up” I hear again, all I can see is black “Who are you?” I ask “Open your eyes and you will see me” The voice says, I slowly open my eyes and I’m looking into a face, she has green eyes and […]

Chapter 17

I finally arrived at the Diner it was a red diner called the Grove Diner, I was looking around trying to find the Grove the diner was named after but there was nothing, before I walk in I see a man looking out towards the ocean, he seems deep in though I walk up to […]